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Sunday, January 9, 2011

About Ganish Hunza

About Ganish
Ganish is the oldest village. The ancestors of Hunza people came to Ganish and settled there. With the passage of time, the population increased and the people spread over the area making new valleys named as:
Murtaza abad
Ganish has also received the heritage distinction award in the year 2002. Ganish is a traditional village with 800 year-old mosques and a beautiful battle tower used by the ancestors of the Ganish people for the brawl.

Ganish is the largest valley in Hunza.Some of its
branches are as following:
  1. Buldas
  2. Shakonashal
  3. Chillganish
  4. Garelt
  5. Dorkhan and etc...

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