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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hunza History

Hunza was an independent principality for 900 years. The British gained control of Hunza and the neighbouring valley of Nagar after the Hunza-Naga Campaign in 1891, as the British suspected Russian involvement "with the Rulers of the petty States on the northern boundary of Kashmir

Hunza (Urdu: ہنزہ‎), also known as Kanjut, was a princely state in a subsidiary alliance with British India from 1892 to August 1947, for three months was unaligned, and then from November 1947 until 1974 was a princely state of Pakistan.

Hunza was formerly a princely state bordering Xinjiang (autonomous region of China) to the northeast and Pamir to the northwest, which survived until 1974, when it was finally dissolved by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The state bordered the Gilgit Agency to the south and the former princely state of Nagar to the east. The state capital was the town of Baltit (also known as Karimabad); another old settlement is Ganish Village which means ancient god "Ganesh village. Hunza was an independent principality for more than 900 years, until the British gained control of it and the neighbouring valley of Nagar between 1889 and 1892 through a military conquest. The then Mir/Tham (ruler) Mir Safdar Ali Khan of Hunza fled to Kashghar in China and sought what would now be called political asylum


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